About Gastronomic Tours

"Venice Events" is a leading tour operator in Venice offering some of the finest Wine Tasting Tours in Venice and the Veneto and Friuli region. For those who have a love of Wine and Food or just interested in visiting the gorgeous regions of the North, a tour is one of the easiest ways to experience all the flavours of Italy. We offer daily public tours, half and full day, and private tours with English speaking drivers/guides. Their love of Italian Wine and Gastronomy and the area will help you fully appreciate all there is to see. From cities such as Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Asolo, etc...you will sample some of the best wines and gastronomic delights produced and offered, such as Amarone, Prosecco, Grappa , risottos, cheeses, hams and salamis, etc... to name but a few. And then the scenery!! Vineyards, Dolomiti mountains, countryside farms, historical lakes and castles await your arrival. What better way to enjoy a relaxing day in Italy?!

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